Sources of the causative agent of infection are sick animals and microcarrier sheep.

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Transmission factors can be all environmental objects contaminated by this pathogen. The occurrence of the disease is facilitated by various conditions that disrupt the motor and secretory functions of levitra tract of animals. The disease appears more often in spring, less often in autumn, in some cases it also occurs in winter, especially with abundant feeding of animals with grain, concentrated feed. Many authors associate the emergence and spread of enterotoxemia in sheep with the natural-climatic and soil-meteorological conditions of the area. In rainy years, the disease is more common and can become widespread.

There are several types of anaerobic enterotoxemia: hemorrhagic enterotoxemia occurs more often in adult sheep; ends with sudden death; infectious enterotoxemia, accompanied by softening of the kidneys, is observed in sheep of all ages. In the first case, the disease occurs suddenly and the animals quickly die. The main toxic factor of this microbe is epsilon toxin.

The causative agent of the disease is an anaerobic microbe from the family Bacillaceae, genus Clostridium Cl. perfringens types D and C, less often A. Forms spores.

The disease in sheep proceeds super-acutely, acutely and chronically. The incubation period depends on the degree of intoxication and the resistance of the organism. With artificial infection, it is 2-6 hours; according to our observations - from 60 minutes to 12 hours. With a hyperacute course of the disease, buy vardenafil pills (within 2-3 hours), clinical signs usually do not appear. This form of the disease is observed mainly in young and well-fed sheep. Dead animals are more often found in the sheepfold or pasture in the morning.